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Brick City Reconstruction PC is over a decade old New Jersey based Architecture & Engineering Consulting firm. A vast array of projects in the Tri-State area ranging from small renovation projects to high rise design allows our office to have a depth of experience to approach every new project with the confidence to deliver. Our expertise in land and property development allows us to properly plan, design and develop projects from original concept to final construction and property management. Our firm maintains a steady commitment to high quality creative services, timely completion, and a value based competitive price. 

What we do

Committed to high-quality creative services, timely completion, and a value based competitive price. We believe that design is arrived at through consensus building. On the owner side, it is rare that we are involved with a project where a broad and varied stakeholder group is not represented. On the design team side, we collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team, drawing together experiences to respond to the specific needs of project at hand. As architects, we manage the complicity of this process, addressing the aspirations of individual project stakeholders, while ensuring that the holistic vision of the project is retained.

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