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What we do

Committed to high-quality creative services, timely completion, and a value based competitive price. We believe that design is arrived at through consensus building. On the owner side, it is rare that we are involved with a project where a broad and varied stakeholder group is not represented. On the design team side, we collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team, drawing together experiences to respond to the specific needs of project at hand. As architects, we manage the complicity of this process, addressing the aspirations of individual project stakeholders, while ensuring that the holistic vision of the project is retained.

01  Feasibility Study

The preliminary stage of any of our development projects requires an analysis of program, zoning ordinances, construction codes to portray to our clients the requirements, and any constraints of a project. We establish a preliminary budget, timeline and anticipate any hurdles the project will entail moving forward.

02  Documentation of Existing Conditions

Preliminary stages of a renovation, reconstruction, or addition project require field measurements and documentation of the existing building in order to accurately align new construction and elements of the proposal. Field measurements and sketches are completed and drafted digitally into the computer for future use for the project team. Depending on the scope of the project mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural systems may also require documentation for during the design phase of the project. This phase is typically coupled with a zoning analysis of the project to determine any variances that will require to be obtained from the local government or outside agencies.

03  Site Concepts

Development projects need a basic starting point to establish the scope, the use, the square footage, the building volumes, site circulation, and overall massing of the site. This preliminary stage is used to begin conversations with local government, agencies, and investors for development projects. Multiple concepts may be developed to weigh in potential project returns, costs, and complexities.

Upon establishing of the scope of the project, the interior layout and room arrangements are designed in accordance with international building code requirements. This phase of the project will require multiple meetings with the owner to aid with the development of the plan. Schematic plans may be coupled with exterior elevations and preliminary architectural renderings. At this point, the scope of the project has to have been clearly defined, and consulting engineers will be retained if they are required for development of the project features.

04  Schematic Design

05  Planning Board Documents & Testimony

Certain projects require approval from the local governmental planning and zoning boards to permit construction if they are outside the guidelines as defined in zoning or planning ordinance. Commercial projects typically require the representation of our clients by an attorney. However, local governments have different requirements for the planning board approval process. Our office can aid in the obtainment of a local planning board attorney to represent you in this process. It is important to note client appearance at this hearing is typically required. Our office can also aid in the completion of application filing, project team coordination, and will provide testimony during this hearing to obtain the final resolution for construction. Although we cannot guarantee the approval of any project by the local government, our office maintains a high success rate at planning board hearings.

06  Historic Board Documents & Testimony

Projects that are registered to be historic in nature, or within historic districts, require an additional phase in the development plan. Depending on the project’s registration, national, state, or local historic board, approvals may be required. Exterior elevations must be presented to the board and approved in order to move forward with the project. This phase requires representation by an attorney, which we can coordinate, along with the preparation of any necessary applications. BCR also has the ability to provide consultants for the obtainment of historical tax credits.

In order to obtain permits, applications must be completed in accordance with local governmental requirements. Our office can prepare these documents in addition to providing any supplementary information requested by the local building department. Upon release of permits, all construction permit fees associated shall be paid directly by the client.

13  Permit Application & Filing

Off-shoots of BCR PC include property management aspects which can ensure full operational management of client assets. Our office’s sub-contracted consultants can alleviate minor to major issues faced in aging property.

14  Property Management

15  Construction Management

During construction, designs must often be modified to accommodate for field condition changes, owner requested change orders, and budgetary management.  As-built conditions of field changes should be maintained by a Contractor, and upon completion, incorporated into the building owners record drawings.

Our office has the capability to not only design, but construct the project as well.  If requested by the client, our office will prepare a formal construction bid for the project, allowing us to see the project through from design to construction.

16  Construction

17  Pro-Forma Project Planning/Budgeting 

Our office can provide our clients with achievable project management plans, using pro forma analysis, along with other strategies and projections, to quantify the returns a proposed project can expect. Our specialists will work with the client to create a budgeting strategy that allows for the determination of an optimal  spending plan in advance of the project. 

During this phase of design, final details of the project are collected, including: finished materials, lighting and fixtures selections. Meeting(s) with the client, and for certain projects, interior designers are required to compliment the design of the project. Interior and exterior digital renderings may be produced to portray the final design intentions of the project.

07  Design Development 

08  Construction Documents 

In order to obtain permits for construction of the project from the local building department, additional information must now be collected, documented, and provided. Construction assemblies, specifications, and details will be provided to portray how the design becomes an actual structure. During this phase, additional consultants are retained for engineering elements of the project. Upon completion of this phase, the drawings are ready to be submitted for review by local building inspectors for conformance with building codes.

09  Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical systems, which are integral to interior environment and comfort level of the project, are designed by a professional engineer. These systems often vary by project and ASHREA requirements. Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation systems are incorporated into the construction drawings package during this phase of the project.

Electrical systems are designed by a professional engineer. Electrical load calculations, equipment schedules, and specifications are collected and incorporated into the construction drawings package during this phase of the project.

10  Electrical Engineering 

11  Plumbing Engineering 

Plumbing systems essential to the use of the project are designed by a professional engineer. Plumbing load calculations, pipe sizing, and fixture schedules are incorporated into the construction drawings package during this phase of the project.

12  Contracting/Bidding

Upon completion of an entire construction documents package, our office if requested will aid in the development of a "Request for Proposal". Our office will first provide clarifications to the bidding contractors during the bidding phase. Upon deadline our office will review contractor bids and resumes, and provide the owners with recommendations for award of contract.

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